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Here are some more old shots:

I came across these old artifacts back in the summer of 2015
Ancient Artifacts on 365 Project

No Ship No Grain
No Ship No Grain on 365 Project

Long Story on 365 Project

Here's the scene further back
Timeless on 365 Project

Basically sometimes I get lucky when I'm at Golden Gardens (The ballard beach), and the tide is really low. You can walk all the way north to Carkeek park and then take the D-line back home. The tide usually doesn't stay low long enough to walk home. It's kind of sketchy. If the tide comes in while you're still out there, you have to climb up on the rocks and walk along the railroad tracks. I did it all the time as a kid. It's amazing I survived to adulthood))))

Almost Cut My Hair...

Well actually I did, and now I have to go back to my old icon. After two years it was getting pretty long. Then at exactly 11am yesterday I decided that I was done having long hair and jumped on a bus to Pioneer Square to Rudy's Barber. Things were pretty dead there, and I got an enthusiastic barber. He spent two hours cutting everything just right, and even blow dried my hair strait to make sure it was cut just right. Little does he know, I went home and washed all the salon-ness out of my hair and it dried into its natural poof. Not a straight hair on my head. Not curly one either. Just wavy. I met my long lost neck. It still has a few zits in remembrance of my long locks. I came to the conclusion that long hair is gross. It's hard to keep clean, it gets into everything, and it clogs the shower drain.

I don't feel like doing crap tonight. I think I'll wash the dishes and then get some Chinese food for dinner.