Yesterday my daughter and I met up with my mother and spent the afternoon in the International District (Chinatown). It was kind of a dark day, so I tried using and ISO setting of 400 so I didn't have to use too long of a shutter speed.

I took some pictures in the bus tunnel, and was talked to by a security guard. He just gave me a friendly reminder not to use my flash...which I wasn't. Seems like security levels are a bit higher this week. Cool tunnel.

[Many more shots under here...]
Here's a few shot from outside the Asian grocery store.

Here's a familiar scene from storm777's journal...

Some more pictures as we walked north through Pioneer Square. I put a few alley shots in a different post from this walk.

I think this is a wolf...maybe a bear?


spiral_meter requested I do pictures of alleys in black and white. It's interesting that he made that request. Some of you may remember that in March of 2014 I did a whole month of nothing but pictures from my back alley. It was an exercise in trying to look closer on what was around me rather than looking further out to find something interesting. You can see that month of images here:

For spiral_meter's request I decided to do something a bit more urban and took a few pictures near Pioneer Square.


At The Window on 365 Project

Well Whiskey the Cat didn't make it. She died somewhere between 2am and 6am this morning. We buried her in our garden this afternoon. She lived a happy fifteen and a half years.

Whiskey On The Chair on 365 Project

Whiskey The Cat on 365 Project


Last year I went to see my high school friend's band Eldridge Gravy & the Court Supreme the Tractor Tavern. Their opening act was the Chaotic Noise Marching Band. I wanted to share a video of them after I saw them, but there wasn't any good ones out there, but I just checked and more seem to have been posted. So here is 45 minutes of Chaotic Noise, I hope you like it. also imagine how loud this was in a small venue such at the Tractor. It was pretty amazing:


Looking back on a post I made last year I remembered that I would sometimes come to you guys for photography themes. So I am officially taking requests. What do YOU want me to take a picture of. It can be a general theme or a certain thing or place. Maybe a style or technique I should try out. You make a request, and I'll do my best to make a picture especially for you.


Though my cat silhouette pumpkin carving was pretty cool, it really only took me 15 minutes and I didn't put that much effort into it. Last year I did a much more impressive pumpkin carving.

Here is a series of pictures honoring its life story...

The dental work:
Night Crawler on 365 Project

The unsuspecting victim being warned by a ghost:
Ghost Pumpkin on 365 Project

The finished product:
The Finished Product on 365 Project

The final act:
The End on 365 Project


and just moments after joking about having the mind of a 12-year-old I pulled this carrot(s?) out of my garden...

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Fun with color selections on GIMP

Also while I was at the tiny beach I saw a weird dock thing that washed up on the shore (not green).

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Yngwie, Se7en, and Air

Whenever I look up music on youtube, I impulsively look to see if someone has a version on the accordion. There was about fifty versions of this piece:

You know the first time I heard that piece was in the library scene in the movie Se7en. In fact, I would say that was the most memorable scene in the whole movie for me. It was kind of funny really. When I was pregnant my sister told me to NOT watch that movie. I don't like being told what to do, so I watched it. That scene really stuck with me, more so than all the violence. Then when I had my baby, the hospital gave me a a Baby Einstein CD of classical music to play for her. Air was one of the tracks on there and I was like, hey they have that song from Se7en on here!...remember I brought my child home from the hospital on my 21st birthday.

I was going to post a video of that scene from the movie, but the images in that scene are actually more disturbing than any of the metal songs I've posted here. That brings me to my next point. It seems to me that emotion I most enjoy getting out of art is fear. I wonder if it's like how people listen to, and perform, the blues to release the "blues" in themselves. I grew up with a lot of fear and at the same time was drawn to things that scared me. I liked the feeling of facing my fears. Looking at something that scared me right in the eyes and seeing it for what it was. One of those great eras in my life when I was both scared and excited was when they were moving the baking kitchen at Three Girls, and during construction of the new kitchen in Ballard, I had to use the space at Pike Place Market at night to bake. Alone. I would come in after six when the shop would close up for the night. One of the guys would help me put the giant woodblock table top onto the to-go station and I'd set up right there. The shutters would go down all around me, but I was still mostly in an open air kitchen. People would yell at me through the shutters. I used to blast Yngwie Malmsteen on the radio and drink a Heineken while I baked. Sometimes wandering back in the Sanitary Market building to the walk-in fridges for missed ingredients...hoping I wouldn't run into one of the Market ghosts. I had a theory that Yngwie would keep them away from the shop. Then after I was done in the dead of the night, I would jump on my bike and ride home along the waterfront, often in the deep fog that was coming off the water. Sometimes the fog was so thick and soupy all I could see was the line on the bike trail where I aimed my headlight at. I had my pepper spray in my jacket pocket ready to grab in case anyone would jump at me from the deep fog. It was almost disappointing when the shiny new kitchen was built. I mean it was a lot easier to bake in a full kitchen with large mixers and two ovens, but I missed baking in the Market.

Hah, this seems a fitting end to this post. Yngwie's version of Air on G:

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I skipped walking over the Ballard Bridge last night, but I did it twice today. Here are some shots from the bridge.
Views From The Bridge on 365 Project

This place is called "Lake Freelard". It's only half full right now, but sometimes this space fills completely up.
Lake Freelard on 365 Project

I did a shot similar to this one last December.
Views From The Bridge 2 on 365 Project

Let me find it...
A Little World On The Edge on 365 Project

Also, since I'm filling up your friends page with pictures, a shot from the thrift store for blue_aardvark: