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I ended up going for a long stroll today. I'm quite tired now. It was pretty out.

Lonely Sail on 365 Project

Dark Boats In A Glimmering Sea on 365 Project

Is this a killdeer? I don't know my birds so well.
Killdeer? on 365 Project

I'm not used to beach birds being so friendly. This guy was perfectly okay with me going all around him to get a picture with plenty of light.

Cock on Duty...

Wet Out on 365 Project

Phone Trio on 365 Project

I decided to go out into the rain for a while today. I saw a few rainbow. Looks like it's going to stay wet for a few days at least. Maybe tomorrow will be the day I stay in and make cinnamon rolls.

Long Walk

We did end up going to Discovery Park, and then some. I took a million pictures. Nature shots, graffiti, man made stuff, urban scenes.

[30 something pictures under here...]
Here is one in the air still wrapped up.

I love the clouds in the mountians

Discovery Park was a military base, part of it still is, but there are several abandon houses and buildings in the main park area...maybe ghosts?

Playing in the dead grass.

The stream lead us to a very clear pond.

We made our way all the way through the park to the north parking area which is pretty much never used. The place looks like it's been abandon for a long time. It has a cool eerie feel to it. I found this old brick bench/planter there.

Then as you leave the park you can take a road to the northern most point of Magnolia

But rather than taking that road we walked down to the Locks.

You like how I can go to the Locks and not actually take any picture of the locks? Personally my favorite part of that place is under the railroad bridge which is where most of those pictures were taken. After we left the Locks, we took the rail road tracks rather than the street into Ballard. They go behind all the art/work lofts. There's always some sort of craziness going on back there. I told my child not to go there alone, but it was an interesting walk together.

Eventually we made it to Market street

and then walked to 15th Avenue

We'd been going for a lot of miles by this point, so we took the D-line bus back across the Ballard Bridge into our neighborhood. Now all we had to do was go part way up the hill.

Before the hill is the railroad bridge.

That was a lot of walking, but I'm surprisingly not tired from it all. I had on the right shoes, with two pairs of socks, and it worked great.


Yesterday my daughter and I met up with my mother and spent the afternoon in the International District (Chinatown). It was kind of a dark day, so I tried using and ISO setting of 400 so I didn't have to use too long of a shutter speed.

I took some pictures in the bus tunnel, and was talked to by a security guard. He just gave me a friendly reminder not to use my flash...which I wasn't. Seems like security levels are a bit higher this week. Cool tunnel.

[Many more shots under here...]
Here's a few shot from outside the Asian grocery store.

Here's a familiar scene from storm777's journal...

Some more pictures as we walked north through Pioneer Square. I put a few alley shots in a different post from this walk.

I think this is a wolf...maybe a bear?


spiral_meter requested I do pictures of alleys in black and white. It's interesting that he made that request. Some of you may remember that in March of 2014 I did a whole month of nothing but pictures from my back alley. It was an exercise in trying to look closer on what was around me rather than looking further out to find something interesting. You can see that month of images here: http://365project.org/stephomy/365/2014-03

For spiral_meter's request I decided to do something a bit more urban and took a few pictures near Pioneer Square.


At The Window on 365 Project

Well Whiskey the Cat didn't make it. She died somewhere between 2am and 6am this morning. We buried her in our garden this afternoon. She lived a happy fifteen and a half years.

Whiskey On The Chair on 365 Project

Whiskey The Cat on 365 Project


Last year I went to see my high school friend's band Eldridge Gravy & the Court Supreme the Tractor Tavern. Their opening act was the Chaotic Noise Marching Band. I wanted to share a video of them after I saw them, but there wasn't any good ones out there, but I just checked and more seem to have been posted. So here is 45 minutes of Chaotic Noise, I hope you like it. also imagine how loud this was in a small venue such at the Tractor. It was pretty amazing:


Looking back on a post I made last year I remembered that I would sometimes come to you guys for photography themes. So I am officially taking requests. What do YOU want me to take a picture of. It can be a general theme or a certain thing or place. Maybe a style or technique I should try out. You make a request, and I'll do my best to make a picture especially for you.


Though my cat silhouette pumpkin carving was pretty cool, it really only took me 15 minutes and I didn't put that much effort into it. Last year I did a much more impressive pumpkin carving.

Here is a series of pictures honoring its life story...

The dental work:
Night Crawler on 365 Project

The unsuspecting victim being warned by a ghost:
Ghost Pumpkin on 365 Project

The finished product:
The Finished Product on 365 Project

The final act:
The End on 365 Project


and just moments after joking about having the mind of a 12-year-old I pulled this carrot(s?) out of my garden...