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My year in pictures...
Yeah I did it!

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One year at Now if you feel so inclined here is a post featuring the best from each month. Clicking on any image will link you to my project where you can see it larger if you'd like:

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It's still foggy out. Day four.
Bird and the Boat on 365 Project

I didn't get all the cake baked today. I tried to coordinate oven and mixer use with Randy, but after two hours he couldn't make up his mind what to do. This always happens when I try to make him make a decision. He couldn't, so I did. I went home and decided to finish making cake tomorrow. Emily was cool with that. It was very irritating. I asked him, "Are you going to make the napoleons today or tomorrow?"

"I don't know. If I make them today, then I don't need to come in tomorrow. I can't afford not to come in tomorrow. Well I guess I could block and ice the napoleons tomorrow instead of Monday. But what if we get a big order from Peterson? I should get the stuff done today. What about you? I don't want to make you put off making your cake. I really need to come in tomorrow to pay my rent. I really should do the napoleons today though. It would be silly to just come in tomorrow to make the napoleons..."

That went on for two hours. I was able to make the rest of my chiffon while he just stood there hemming and hawing, but at that point I was so mad at him that I didn't even want to be in the same room as him so I said, "If you can't make a decision, I will. I'm going home. Goodbye." I'll make the chocolate sheet cakes in the morning.

Ha ha! My book just arrived while I was typing. Nikon D3100 From Snapshots to Great Shots. Not the actual camera yet, but at least I can start reading the book and getting to know my camera before it's even here.

So yeah, I left work early today, and rode my bike along the water. I thought about going to Pike Place to pick up some red peppers and onions, but I also wanted some italian sausage (I'm making my favorite tomato sauce tonight with all my ripe garden tomatoes). I ended up taking the sky bridge to Queen Anne and going to the Met. Market. I picked up some eel sushi while I was there, and stopped at the fishing dock on my way home to eat lunch. That's still my favorite lunch spot. I took that picture above from the dock. Here's one from December, when I was riding home late. It seems like the dock is more popular after the sun goes down. Usually when I'm there, it's just me, the guy running the bait window, and maybe one other person.:
Late Night Fishermen on 365 Project

Tomorrow will my my 365th shot at I wonder if I should make any grand plans after work to take a memorable shot. It would be nice to take a picture of my Nikon, but alas, Amazon says I might have to wait until the 14th. Maybe the book, ha! Oh well, I'm going to go start reading that now.

EDIT: I love this book already. It's even teaching me things I didn't know about my Lumix. Check this out:

See how I'm sitting here on my couch under my cozy blanket reading my book? Note how the book is in focus but Whiskey the Cat is all fuzzy? I know this sound naive, but I had no idea I could get this camera to focus on something that wasn't in the focus area the camera was set to focus on. That's a nifty little trick. You just press the shutter release button half-way to get the camera to focus, keep the button held down, and move the camera to set up the shot you want, then push it all the way down. As long as you keep the button half-way down after it focuses, it will continue to be focused on the distance it locked into when you originally pushed down the button.

You promise us a bright golden future..
The fog has come back.
The Fog Has Returned on 365 Project

I got off a little early today and rode my bike downtown. I talked to a one-legged veteran in a wheelchair. He was looking for handouts, but I let him talk anyway, and gave him some cash. He said he was looking for something to cover his co-pay for his medication. Whether that was true, or his "medication" is something a little bit stronger is his own business. The thing that seemed to light him up the most was that I actually acknowledged him. He said he was sitting out there all day, and I was the first person to do that. He gave me a pressed penny he found with a Seattle emblem on it to keep in my wallet. I didn't give out anymore cash today, but I did try to give out smiles to much of the ignored Seattle population. No one else even asked me for change, but I did get a lot of smiles back.

A few days ago two 20-somethings were out asking for money so they could get fucked up. One even stopped me with a big grin on his face, and asked me if I could help them out with some beer/drug money. I said no, I have to buy groceries to feed my kid and waved my empty grocery bag at him. That's a situation where I think those kids just need to go get a job. There's plenty of jobs at Pike Place that will pay you enough to spend your lunch breaks at The Athenian getting drunk. Ha, when I was managing at the bakery down there, I used to have to go to The Athenian to hunt down my staff and coax them back to the bakery for the afternoon. That, and wake Pat up in his van. He preferred a solo lunch break. Probably with something a bit stronger than beer.

So here is Judas:

I saw him wandering around last week and worried he wasn't going to last very long with that broken wing, but I was happy to see him today still hanging out in the same area. Who knows, maybe he'll heal up and be able to fly away. Why I call him Judas, I don't know? That's just a name that's been popping up a lot recently. He even gets his own heavy metal song:

Fruit Torte...
I'm just making this post because someone asked for my torte recipe. It's much too long to write in a comment.

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Ha ha, two for the price of one...


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Happy Friday! I made a silly selfie of me outside the bakery. It's hot, so I'm wearing an apron instead of my chef coat. I should have probably smiled for all of you, but the sun was in my eyes, and I find taking my own picture to be confusing...


Ha ha, bird poop too.

Friday feels wonderful. Baseball is on the radio, the sun is shining, and Claire made me an Italian soda.

Also, I know a lot of you couldn't care less, but...
I think this song pretty much depicts the mood of Seattle right now...

Everywhere You Look... on 365 Project

EDIT: Ha ha, fire works are going off, people are yelling in the streets, and roads have filled with cars flying everywhere honking horns...and I live in a quiet residential area. I can only imagine what it's like Downtown right now.

Ding dong ding dong Christmas bells are ringing...
Prettiest thing I've heard in a while:

I've started making my fruitcake. I'm trying to keep my list of people who get a mini loaf short. I'm going all out this year. I chopped up and am soaking all the fruit and nuts. I added apricots, currents, golden raisins, dried cherries, pecans, hazelnuts, and homemade candied citrus peels. Note: none of that weird fake fruit stuff. My mom told me to make sure the one I send to my grandpa isn't too boozy. She thought the one I made her last year was pretty strong...come on! I didn't even soak her's in brandy that much. I switched her's to vanilla syrup after the first day. I don't know if that's just her usual anti-alcohol thing, or if she knows better than I do what her dad likes. I guess I'll make two loaves without much brandy. One for her, and one for her dad.

I can't wait. I love fruitcake. Good fruitcake that is.

I spent way too much time today hanging out at the marina today after work. It's so quiet there, and the sun was setting beautifully. Here's a shot I took later on my way home through the train yard.
Train Lights on 365 Project
(click image to view a larger version in my 365project)

So pretty. Why is it always so much prettier when it's too damn cold to be outside?

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There something about waking home from the grocery store on a week night that seems to push me to have some sort of spiritual experience. Maybe it's the dark sky mixed with the bright lights of the cars. Maybe it's the loud noises from the train yard below. Maybe it's because I've worked all day, and really need to eat some food. Whatever it is, I don't know, but I tend to get giddy and happy and feel a certain love for the world. A lady yelled at a car that was honking at her while she crossed the street when I was having my giddy spiritual experience, and I wanted to yell at her to not worry about the car, and that the world would be okay if she didn't go home mad at the driver. Forget about the car honking at you. Don't let it ruin your evening. But I was a good normal human being, and didn't say anything, and just crossed the street with a big grin on my face. Perhaps I need to eat dinner...

Pics or it didn't happen:
 photo dravuslights_zps2c48069e.jpg

Why I don't stay inside...
Claire and I had to go downtown to buy her some new shoes today. After some boring shoe shopping we stopped by Three Girls to say hi to the folks, and then were lucky enough to see the most amazing sunset.

Here was our first sight of it from over the Market:
 photo marketsignbeechers_zps0de2b6c2.jpg

The Olympic Mountains with an iconic Washington State ferry floating by:
 photo olympicsferrie_zpsc4a8ad49.jpg

An orange West Seattle:
 photo westseattle_zps83630aa0.jpg

And of course here was Rainier to the left. Too bad all the glory over the stadium didn't help the Seahawks win tonight.
 photo rainierwheel_zpsa8f570be.jpg

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