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This song comes up on the radio a lot at work. The ovens are really loud, and sometimes I can't hear all the lyrics, so I wrote my own based on what I can hear.

Here's the song

Now sing along:

Small town, small town,
small town, small town.
Small town, small town
small --
town --
Small town, small town,
small town, same small town.
Small town, sss small town.
Small town, small town, small town.
Small town, small town,
small town, jesus, small town.
Small town, small town,
small town small town.
Small town, small town,
small town small town.
Smaaaall town, smaaaall town.
Small town, small town just like me.
Small town, small town, small town....

I'm sure you can figure out the rest.

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There are a few places that often show up in my dreams. The church I went to growing up, my childhood home, Three Girls Bakery, and my current workplace. The other night Jack, my old boss at Three Girls, showed up in a dream. Instead of being at the bakery, we were in a car with D.J. Kevin Cole. We were checking out the alleys in Fremont looking for vintage bakery supplies. I found an old cookie set with some old German wood puppets painted on the box. They looked really neat, but also super evil. They just reeked of evil. I took it home for sure. Kevin Cole seemed annoyed with that decision. I really miss Jack. He was a great boss.

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Even though logic would say that I should go home and close my windows, I couldn't help but go and document this crazy smog/ashy air.

Here's the standard shot of Mt. Rainier. I'm pretty sure if it erupted today, no one would see it happen:
Mt. Rainier on 365 Project

And West Seattle to the southwest:
West Seattle Bridge on 365 Project

Some birds on the grain elevator with Alki Point in the background:
Birds on 365 Project

And a few shots of the sun. I kind of had to just aim the camera in the right direction and use the auto focus. I didn't want to look through the lens and burn my eyes:
Sun Close Up on 365 Project

Red Sun on 365 Project

It's kind of crazy. Whenever a beam of sunshine breaks through the blinds, it leaves a red stream of light on the floor. Also, everything outside has a white layer of ash on it. If you look closely at the air, you can see it falling.

Speaking of fire, apparently there's an arsonist loose in my neighborhood. Monday morning there was a house up on my hill that had a big fire around 1am. I read online the next day that is suspected to be an arson. Then today I heard on the news that it is just one of several suspicious fires in the area. Creepy.

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With all this portrait excitement, my daughter decided to draw two loving pictures of her mother:

I really do love my knives.

Here are a few more selections from some old papers found at work. You can click on the images to see a larger version of them. The first is an ad from October 11th, 1990
Looks like a good deal to me. on 365 Project

These next three are from August 14th, 1982

Make America Great on 365 Project

This tactic would have worked to get me to read all of these books
Summer Reading List on 365 Project

The day little Billy learned that his mother was anti science...
The day little Billy learned that his mother was anti science... on 365 Project

Okay, back to making your portraits. I'll leave you with this song that shows how a past president reacted to a horrible tragedy:

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Just a quick note to say that I'm loving doing the portraits. I had to take yesterday off since I had to work a bunch and go grocery shopping, but never fear, I will get to everyone who made a request... eventually. Nobody is too late. I'll leave you with this song:

EDIT: Also... I'M #100!! At least for a moment in livejournal's user ratings. Not that it matters, but it feels kind of like winning a prize on the radio or something.

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I want to share the love, so if anyone wants an authentic meowmensteen MSPaint portrait respond to this entry. I'll make you a portrait based on what I know about you as an LJ friend. I'll use my quality art skills like the ones featured in my user icon and my last entry... move over Monet.

Eagle Knight in Danger!

Haha, the highlight of my day today is that I got KEXP to play One Step Beyond during the mid-day show. It's the little things that count when you're getting through a Monday. The low point of today was when one of the Anthony's guys came in to talk sports with Randy, and Randy refused to talk to him, then he wanted to talk sports with me after the Anthony's guy left. Why didn't he just talk to the guy who wanted to talk sports with him rather than me??? Sure, I like to listen to the baseball games, but I don't want to talk about all the team drama or whatever. Especially with Randy. Ugh.

In other bad news, a guy with a gas powered leaf blower has been using that fucker for the past hour since I got home. Get a frickin' rake dude! Haha, I just hollered in my living room that I wanted to take that leaf blower and bash that guy over the head with it thinking my window was shut... it was not, and the leaf blower just stopped. Now I'm wondering if I was accidentally aggressive, or if he just happened to stop at that moment. Either way, I'm glad it stopped. It was making me crazy.

Oh yeah! I saw about 100 sea gulls chasing a bald eagle today. That was exciting. I stopped my bike and just stood there watching it. I didn't really have time to get my camera out though :( Just for that I went to youtube and typed in "metal eagle". Once I scrolled through all the Eagles of Death Metal tracks I found this lovely song to dedicate my bald eagle moment today:

One Step Beyond!

Gaaah! It took me forever to find what song I was looking for. On Friday my co-worker was listening to top 40 hits of the UK from 1980. A song came on, and I couldn't quite pinpoint what it was even though I'd heard it many times before. At first I thought maybe it was The (English) Beat because the song reminded me of Mirror in the Bathroom, but I couldn't find a song by them that sounded like the one I was looking for. Then I started checking out tracks by The Specials, which had that song Ghost Town, but it wasn't there either. Eventually random links in youtube brought me to the right song. You'd think this would have been easier seeing how there's only really one line in the whole song, but the oven and the big mixer were on and I couldn't hear it. All I could hear was the drums and the sax.

Then for fun I thought I'd check out the music video for Rock the Cashbah since I've never seen it before.

Haha, right at 55 seconds I saw a Winchell's Donut House. Alas, I wish I had a donut shop near me. I really love donuts, and donut shops. Real donut shops. Right now I only know where one is in Seattle in the U-district. They seem to be a dying breed around here, all being replaced with more fancy "gourmet" donuts like Top Pot and Mighty-O. Not the same. Actually donut shops often show up in my dreams. I often have dreams where I want to make a stop at a donut shop and I can't find it, or I'm in a donut shop trying to order donuts but they're always out of the ones I want, or I realize I forgot to bring money. There always seems to be something standing between me and my donuts... in dreams and reality.


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I've been listening to Blood Ceremony a lot lately. I took a break from them for a while and just now discovered that they released a new album last year. I listened to that for a while, but I much prefer their older albums. This newer one sounds like they're trying too hard to be a regular metal band, rather than just be their own thing. Their self titled album is my all time favorite:

In fact, listening to this on youtube is how I discovered Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. I love how youtube puts all the "devil worship" music together. I found out about Blood Ceremony years ago when I worked at Pike Place. I was hearing a lot of Rahsaan Roland Kirk back then, and got into my first (of many) flute kicks. I turned one of the metal heads at work onto Rahsaan and he in turn turned me on to Blood Ceremony since the lead singer lady also plays a lot of flute. Speaking of Uncle Acid, another musician that reminds me a lot of them, is Ty Segull. That guy is a lot of fun to listen to.

I could use the same descriptions for both of them (Uncle Acid and Ty Segull): Love children of The Beatles and Black Sabbath. They have that poppy happiness of the Beatles with the heavier darkness of Sabbath.

For some comparison here is some Uncle Acid, though I wouldn't watch this video of you're squeamish. He does have a tendency to go over the top with the visuals. There's boobs, drugs, sex, murder, devil worship...

Haha, I think I post that video more often than any other one. Thinking about it, Ty Segall seems more uplifting, but the musical style had a lot of similarities.