Remember All The Things

Keys, Wallet, Pants.

Also, I know a lot of you couldn't care less, but...
I think this song pretty much depicts the mood of Seattle right now...

Everywhere You Look... on 365 Project

EDIT: Ha ha, fire works are going off, people are yelling in the streets, and roads have filled with cars flying everywhere honking horns...and I live in a quiet residential area. I can only imagine what it's like Downtown right now.

Ding dong ding dong Christmas bells are ringing...
Prettiest thing I've heard in a while:

I've started making my fruitcake. I'm trying to keep my list of people who get a mini loaf short. I'm going all out this year. I chopped up and am soaking all the fruit and nuts. I added apricots, currents, golden raisins, dried cherries, pecans, hazelnuts, and homemade candied citrus peels. Note: none of that weird fake fruit stuff. My mom told me to make sure the one I send to my grandpa isn't too boozy. She thought the one I made her last year was pretty strong...come on! I didn't even soak her's in brandy that much. I switched her's to vanilla syrup after the first day. I don't know if that's just her usual anti-alcohol thing, or if she knows better than I do what her dad likes. I guess I'll make two loaves without much brandy. One for her, and one for her dad.

I can't wait. I love fruitcake. Good fruitcake that is.

I spent way too much time today hanging out at the marina today after work. It's so quiet there, and the sun was setting beautifully. Here's a shot I took later on my way home through the train yard.
Train Lights on 365 Project
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So pretty. Why is it always so much prettier when it's too damn cold to be outside?

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There something about waking home from the grocery store on a week night that seems to push me to have some sort of spiritual experience. Maybe it's the dark sky mixed with the bright lights of the cars. Maybe it's the loud noises from the train yard below. Maybe it's because I've worked all day, and really need to eat some food. Whatever it is, I don't know, but I tend to get giddy and happy and feel a certain love for the world. A lady yelled at a car that was honking at her while she crossed the street when I was having my giddy spiritual experience, and I wanted to yell at her to not worry about the car, and that the world would be okay if she didn't go home mad at the driver. Forget about the car honking at you. Don't let it ruin your evening. But I was a good normal human being, and didn't say anything, and just crossed the street with a big grin on my face. Perhaps I need to eat dinner...

Pics or it didn't happen:
 photo dravuslights_zps2c48069e.jpg

Why I don't stay inside...
Claire and I had to go downtown to buy her some new shoes today. After some boring shoe shopping we stopped by Three Girls to say hi to the folks, and then were lucky enough to see the most amazing sunset.

Here was our first sight of it from over the Market:
 photo marketsignbeechers_zps0de2b6c2.jpg

The Olympic Mountains with an iconic Washington State ferry floating by:
 photo olympicsferrie_zpsc4a8ad49.jpg

An orange West Seattle:
 photo westseattle_zps83630aa0.jpg

And of course here was Rainier to the left. Too bad all the glory over the stadium didn't help the Seahawks win tonight.
 photo rainierwheel_zpsa8f570be.jpg

Not done showing off.
Here's some more pictures I took today. It would have been really hard to pick just one picture for 365 if I hadn't seen that jumping guy today that made the best shot.

 photo fishingdock_zps15f33791.jpg

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Good morning...
A fitting end to my week of sunrises:

Marina Mountain on 365 Project

I think this was the best picture yet. Now I can tell myself it's alright to sleep in. The plan was to just walk to the end of the ally an take a few pictures of the sunrise with Claire. Then we decided to walk another block to look over the train yard. Then we decided to walk down through the train yard to take some pictures from the bottom. Then We decided to walk along the trail a ways. Next thing you know, we're a mile or so away from the house in our pajamas where I took this picture. This sunrise was too beautiful to just go back inside. After that we walked back and I made some hot apple cider and biscuits and gravy. Now we're all warmed up. I'm ready to take a nap now, but I should clean up the kitchen.

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Ha ha, look at my kitty. She sleeps in a circle:

I'm way too caffeinated for this hour. Sleep is going to be hard.

I think this week is going to be slow. I might get Wednesday off. I can dig that.

Can't hitch hike for a while...
Wow, the wind picked up today. I rode my bike downtown after work today to meet up with Angela, and almost got blown off my bike a few times. I hung out by the water taking a bunch of pictures. It was hard, because the wind kept blowing me around, and I couldn't hold still long enough to focus and take a picture. This one took five tries.

The Wheel on 365 Project

The lights have been flickering this evening. I located the lighter and candles just in case, but I think the wind has died down a bit.

Wow, I got a lot done today. I only ended up working an extra half hour, but it felt like longer. I had a bunch of orders going out and had to finish and decorate. Then after that, I needed to fill 400 eclairs. I didn't help that my right thumb is kind of out of commission. I dumbly grabbed the handle of the water bath that was over the back burner flame and basically branded my thumb. Note to self: when a piece of metal is over a flame, it is hot, and you should not grab it. For some reason all my brain was thinking was that the water bath should be over the flame, and not next to it, and I grabbed the thing to move it. Duuh! Not bad though, this is my first burn at Starlight, and this is already my second year here. At this point I already had a dozen burns at Fresh Flours, and god know how many at Three Girls. Most of my Fresh Flours burns were on my arm near my shoulder from walking into hot sheet pans high up on sheet racks. My all time best though was when I tried to pull a pound cake out of an oven without pulling out the rack, and I burned my arm on the bottom rack. My instinct was to pull my arm up away from the hot rack only to whack my arm into the rack above. Up down up down...ow! Ow!Ow!Ow! Oh yeah, pull my arm OUT of the oven! Never again. Now I ALWAYS pull the racks out of the oven rather than stick my arm into the oven...see I learn lots of important things in my day to day life about baking, like shit is hot in a bakery, and can burn you. Kindly I will not post a picture of this burn. Unless you beg me. NO NO NO you don't want to see it.

I'm on cup of coffee number six.
I want to eat all the candy. ALL OF IT!

Sundays like these are so relaxing. I'm not even putting that much effort in doing the laundry knowing I have tomorrow to finish. Claire and I did go out earlier to buy the Sunday paper. It ended up being another adventure. We walked around the industrial part of Fisherman's Terminal. It was very vacant. Here we are having fun with a very shiny trailer we came across. I couldn't convince Claire to move to a spot that was a little bit clearer. She kept wanting to get close to me. I titled this 'Thunder Thighs' for obvious reasons.

I didn't even bother getting dressed today. I'm still in my sweats, and I shall stay in my sweats.

I don't even know what the fuck I'm talking about. I'm just rambling here.
I changed my journal title to "I Chop Wood, And Carry Water" because I think I had a glimmer of Nirvana on my walk to the grocery store this evening. I also felt this profound love for everyone and every thing...I'm sure there's a pill out there that can fix this state of mind. Just think, if the Buddha had the right medication... also if van Gogh had a little prozac, maybe he wouldn't have cut off his ear. Why the left ear?

No, I'm not intoxicated. I'm not sure when I first heard the line about chopping wood and carrying water, I think it might have been when my dad was getting into Zen. He always had a bunch of books around the house about Zen. That line kind of stuck in my consciousness. I think I even cut the words "I chop wood" into the back of my hand once in high school. When my English teacher saw that, he laughed and gave me a hug. Yeah, I was a weird kid. Out of the blue last week, I looked at my horoscope in the news paper, and it had that line in there. What are the odds?

It's hard to describe what it (the phrase) means to me. I was thinking about how if life had set me up for something better, I might not have been so driven to stick to, and learn my trade. I might not have put in all the years of mixing dough and melting chocolate if I had a chance to make more money doing something less laborious. Even now, after being a baker for over ten year, I feel like I'm half way there to being a Master Baker, whatever that it, but that half way further than someone who hasn't followed my path. The rewards of life aren't just given to you. They can't be. It's the experience that teaches you. I heard some cheesy pop song yesterday where the young singer was begging to put to sleep or something until he could wake up older with all the knowledge that comes with age. I wanted to find him and whack him over his head. DUDE! It's the getting there that gives you the knowledge. You can't just get it without the effort. Learning something profound often requires you to change the way you understand yourself.

There's more to it than the end result, it's the process too. I chop wood. I carry water. I do it every day. I don't do it so that one day I'll be the best wood chopper. I do it because the wood needs to be chopped.

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