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I've been listening to Blood Ceremony a lot lately. I took a break from them for a while and just now discovered that they released a new album last year. I listened to that for a while, but I much prefer their older albums. This newer one sounds like they're trying too hard to be a regular metal band, rather than just be their own thing. Their self titled album is my all time favorite:

In fact, listening to this on youtube is how I discovered Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. I love how youtube puts all the "devil worship" music together. I found out about Blood Ceremony years ago when I worked at Pike Place. I was hearing a lot of Rahsaan Roland Kirk back then, and got into my first (of many) flute kicks. I turned one of the metal heads at work onto Rahsaan and he in turn turned me on to Blood Ceremony since the lead singer lady also plays a lot of flute. Speaking of Uncle Acid, another musician that reminds me a lot of them, is Ty Segull. That guy is a lot of fun to listen to.

I could use the same descriptions for both of them (Uncle Acid and Ty Segull): Love children of The Beatles and Black Sabbath. They have that poppy happiness of the Beatles with the heavier darkness of Sabbath.

For some comparison here is some Uncle Acid, though I wouldn't watch this video of you're squeamish. He does have a tendency to go over the top with the visuals. There's boobs, drugs, sex, murder, devil worship...

Haha, I think I post that video more often than any other one. Thinking about it, Ty Segall seems more uplifting, but the musical style had a lot of similarities.

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How The Fuck Do You Write a Poem?

I don't remember anything I learned about poetry.
My google searches go too deep into poetic philosophy.
I guess there are rules somewhere that I just don't see.
Maybe just write some lines and make them rhyme... uh tree.

Some poems I see give you a space after four lines or so.
Then you can change your rhyme and give a new sound a go.
I could be wrong, I just made that up, I don't know.
I wonder if anyone can tell I'm really not a pro?

Then I get weird and reference something like coffee foam.
You're probably wondering where this part could be goin'
It's where I ask the question that really hits home...
How the mother living fuck do you write a god damned poem?

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I trimmed down my friends list. I wasn't upset or annoyed with anyone, if I cut you it was because I found myself skimming over your entries rather than reading them.

Likewise friends. I've added several new people the past few years, if you feel like we haven't clicked, don't feel bad about dropping me.

...if we have clicked, don't drop me or I'll hate your forever. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME??? Just kidding.


This week my favorite band is Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. I saw a comment on youtube describing them like this: It's like Black Sabbath fucked The Beatles and had an illegitimate child. That really describes them exactly. I've already listened to their album Blood Lust twice in as many days. I'm really digging it.

Watching their music videos is a whole other experience. You know that feeling you get after binge watching documentaries on serial killers to the point where you feel like mind is permanently warped? That's kind of what watching one of their music videos is like. Here's one NSFW or much anything else...really. If you're feeling even slightly emotionally fragile don't watch this.